Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord.  

Psalm 127:3

Just For Kids

Super Church Sunday Morning 

10:00 AM

Check in at  9:45 AM

Wednesday Family Night

6:30 PM

Family Night 


We  have a nursery staffed with trained volunteers to provide care for children who are ages birth to 4 years old .     There  will be a  lesson each week imparting biblical stories  and  fun activities . 

Royal Rangers and Daisies

Royal Rangers is a n activity based small group church ministry for boys ages 5-12.    Simple and flexible it's a cross generational ministry,   Mentoring future men.  
The Girls groups formerly know as Missionetts is now called Mpact.  The group we have started with is called Daisies for ages 5-12.      This small group will be filled with fun activities and  biblical based program for the girls.  

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